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I am in a really good moodddd. (:

Moshimonster.com is amazing.

My biffss bbq on saturday like made my weekend. (:

I'm missing bowling on wed. =/
Dentist appointmenttt.




Kaybye. :D

Jul. 10th, 2008

Ariana's dad-My name's not dude.
Ariana- Sorry, man.
Ariana's dad- My name is dad or daddy or father not dude, not man.
Ariana- How about pops?


Reviews always make me smilee.
Responding to them make me smile quite a bit as well. (:

"I won't cry, not I won't shed a tear,
As long as you stand, stand by me."

I have an incredible urge to watch Stand By Me and aw at Chris& Gordie.

I am amazed by the amount of times its rained so far this summer and having flood warnings and amazing downpours and not one lasting more then like... 10 minutes.

I want a stormmm ! <33

Probbably seeing Hancock tomorrow with my best friend and her kinda cute cousinn ?!
Cool. (;

Then bowling.

And bowling on Saturday& Sunday.

I love summerrrr ! <3
If only it were cold outt. lol

Pizza's hereeee ! (:

Mkaybye. :D
So Get Smart was pretty amazing, lol.

I'TS RAINING ! <333333 :D
that makes my day right thereee.

Excited for Wednsedaaay. (;

I updated a story todaay. Yay. <3

Eh, whateverrr.


Jul. 6th, 2008

Seeing Get Smart todaay. (:

Damn, I want Dan off my mind.

Like I really like him, but I've never even talked to him because I'm really shy.

But he SEEMS really nice and he's really cute, so I want to get to know him. But I don't want to make the first move.

And we don't even go to the same school.

But he's like kind of friends with my brother Brian, I think.

Ahhh, I dunno.

It's really stupid but it's all I think about.


Ah, anyway.

I'm talking to my cousins, I miss themmm.

They don't even live far, my family just never makes an effort to get together.
But everyone but us is down the shore with my grandparents so i kind of wish I were there too.

My mom needs to get over everything she has against everyone because it's not fair that we aren't be able to see our family.


Ahhhh. I have to go clean my room.

Kaybye. (:
"I've got my mind set on you, I've got my mind set on you..."

So, yeah, bowling kid?

Major crushhhh.

We have the same taste in music and he's a drummerr... and I HAVE drums and he's really cute. (:


And I might be seeing him on Saturday cause he's like friends with my brothers now? KIndasorta.

Party yesterday was funn. <3

Ahh, and I have bowling tomorrow.  I'm in a league with my brother and our friend.
And there's this really cute guy that I have a major crush on.. so I'm excited. (;

I have a concussion headache right now thoughhh.  Which kind of sucks, lol.

I may write a chapter... I'm really happy because the most reviews I've ever gotten for a story is 31 and I passed it. (:

Eh, anyway.

My oldest brother leaves for college soon... it's gonna be quiet around heree. I'll miss himmm<3


Wii Fitness is somuchfun. (:

Jun. 13th, 2008


Funnest night everrrr; nightswimminggg<3


mkay, cool. (:

woohoo. <333

mmh, so.  pretty muchh, i failed my algebra&science finals and crapped up the rest? sounds about right.

i passed with a's in everything except algebra&science though which is nice.

idkk about accounting&italian yet though. hopefully good?

man, oh man. finals just pretty much suck a lot.

so, i can't hang out with my friends tomorrow because my brother's gradating. but, seriously. we get out of school at 11:30 and he graduates at 6. that gives me, hmm, 6 and a half hours to sit around at home and do nothing?  fuuuunnnn.

saturdaaay is my brother's birthday and my friends partyy. (:

meh, whateverr.

kaythanksbye. :D


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