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My facebook emails are being annoying and coming really late. and then I get all confused, cause I'm not smart enough to keep up. aha


I think I'm going through bowling withdrawl.
I haven't been at the alley in a few days since it's winter break. aha xD

Which means I haven't seen Dan at all eitherrrr.
But we are friends on facebook now! I kinda stalk him on there every once and a while.
I swear I'm not a total creeper. haha. [:


I haven't posted on here in like two months !
woah. xD


I don't want to go to either of the New Years parties I was invited to.
I think I'm actually gonna stay home and hang with my family or go bowling. aha
But I def don't wanna go anywhere. Idunno why.


I saw my cousins today!
The one day all year I see everyone. even though we live like, 5 minutes away from one family and 20 from the other, and an hour from my gparents. its lame.

And we played Rock Band, cept Jenn and Rachy and Ray kept failing at the drums. xD
THEN RAYMOND RAPPED. lmfao! funniest thing I've ever seen. he put his hood up and did weird moves and my uncle came in and was like "o.O ...wtf." and walked out slowly.
amazing. <3

I had to add contacts to my gparents phones which took forever. cause they didn't feel like doing it themselves.

and my gmom keeps stalking my cousins, brothers and I on facebook ! it's kinda super creepy.

-end rant.-


Amazingly Lame Amy x

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